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Gareth Watkin z The CD Critic najwidoczniej lubi "A sound of the wooden fish" Maćkowiaka i Pleszynskiego:

Experimental artists Artur Maćkowiak and Grzegorz Pleszynski offer up their latest album experience ‘A Sound of a Wooden Fish’. The new album sees Maćkowiak and Pleszynski combining their own respective talents into one highly experimental improvisational jazz album experience. ‘A Sound of a Wooden Fish’ offers up a rather unusual though very enjoyable album experience, featuring jazz stylings reminiscent of Canada’s Michel F Cote, Sam Shalabi and Alexandre St-Onge various projects within the genre. There’s an incredibly inaccessible element running throughout the entire album, though those who have a keen interest in experimental music will find ‘A Sound of a Wooden Fish’ to be a rather delightful and intriguing listening experience.


‘A Sound of a Wooden Fish’ sees both Maćkowiak and Pleszynski combining many of their own talents into one big album experience that sees the two musicians sharing the same vision, and striving to create that vision. The album is full of experimental notions and ideas, though there’s an incredibly coherent structure to the whole project, giving the semi-improvised music incredible life and energy. Ideas and notions seem to come out from nowhere, showing how well Maćkowiak and Pleszynski surrendered themselves to the music they sought to create. As odd as everything is, there’s something incredibly interesting about the music that seems to suck the listener into a new and unusual world.


As with anything experimental, there is a lot of elements to the music. The album is almost something of a workout for the ears, with the long track lengths being something listeners will have to surrender to. The album itself is highly unpredictable, taking unusual turns here and there, and entering odd and weird musical territories that might be a bit much for the average listener. These are hardly criticisms though, and more warnings for the average listener, that this is not an album to be taken lightly, and is more aimed at those who view music as art.


Maćkowiak and Pleszynski’s latest album effort combines together many artistic talents into one shared coherent album experience. Experimental Jazz music can at times be a little tedious, depending on where it’s coming from, but Maćkowiak and Pleszynski instead draw out much more than just a random process, and instead present experimental jazz music that is actually incredibly enjoyable within its own rights. ‘A Sound of a Wooden Fish’ might not be one of those albums you listen to over and over, though it’s definitely an album that’ll stick around in one’s mind after listening. Just like any strong piece of art would.


Gareth Watkin