Weed Temple o "If it's not real" Maćkowiaka.

Jakub Adamek na swoim blogu 'Weed temple' recenzuje płytę "If it's not real" Artura Maćkowiaka, która ukazała się w lutym br. 

"Polish guitarist Artur Maćkowiak has got quite a reputation in the Polish underground scene, starting with his membership of Something Like Elvis, one of the hidden gems of the country’s indie rock and continuing his career in many exciting shapes and forms, both solo and with other musicians. His newest solo album, released by Wet Music Records serves as one of the most comprenehsive and eclectic showcases of his latests solo work, oscillating between echoing psychedelic impressions and slowly unfolding indie interpretations. Like Manuel Göttsching, but equipped with all the negativity of the modern times while still retaining the talent for creating a trippy atmosphere. Recommended!"

Jakub Adamek